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Integrative Wellness Fellowship

Founder and Lead Trainer: Stephanie Legg

Why Integrative Wellness?

Treating the "whole child", rather than just medicating the symptoms, gets to the root of the issues and facilitates growth and healing. We look at ACE Scores, triggers, coping skills, and environment. It takes an eclectic approach to find balance in this hectic world. 

ELEVATE was created to provide a safe space for restoration and growth through a variety of modalities. Helping individuals find healing and wholeness through Trauma Informed Strategies and Holistic Interventions, providing a variety of options that compliment traditional medical and psychological approaches. 


Our Approach


Integrative Wellness Therapy integrates multi-sensory psychological based therapy and techniques with Movement Strategies and Mindfulness to address the whole person. These approaches are the most scientifically validated and least harmful therapies, and is currently the fastest growing (driven by patient demand) area of health care. 

Objectives and Goals

Engage - connect and build relationships

Love - foster a positive environment

Equip - inform and educate

Variety of Tools - discovering new ways

Action - putting tools into practice

Transformation - shift of perspective

Empower - find their strength and voice

Movement Strategies and Mindfulness overlap in their long list of benefits and are exponentially beneficial when practiced together. They increase positive moods and self esteem, and reduce stress and anxiety. They improve memory and cognitive functioning, develop concentration, focus, determination and perseverance. They encourage sense of self, community, and team work. They improve communication, social relationships, self regulation, independence, better decision making, and coping skills. They improve sleep, breath control, and body image. They are proven to refine flexibility and balance, improve strength, and create mind-body connection. 

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