Meet The Team

Cathy Wallace

Executive Director

Cathy Wallace is the Executive Director for ChildLaw Services, Inc. Cathy loves being a part of young people's journey and seeing them successful.Cathy believes in doing something meaningful, giving back, and doing no harm. Cathy's favorite books are East of Eden, the Hunger Games Trilogy, and Blue Sword. When Cathy is not hard at work, she is enjoying time with her family cooking, reading, or being outdoors. 

Monica Holliday

Legal Director

Monica Holliday is the Legal Director for ChildLaw Services, Inc. Monica has a love for working with children and advocating for their best interest. Monica's favorite books are To Kill A Mockingbird and The Bible. When Monica is not at work, she enjoys spending time with her family and her dog, hunting and fishing with her brothers, traveling and experiencing different cultures. One fun fact about Monica is that she is an avid Backstreet Boys fan!

Elizabeth Davis

Staff Attorney

Elizabeth Davis is one of the staff attorney's at ChildLaw Services, Inc. Liz grew up in Charleston, WV and has been practicing law since 2015. Liz enjoys working with children and seeing the immediate, positive impact her job has on the children she serves. Elizabeth's favorite books are Frankenstein and Freakonomics. When she is not working, Elizabeth enjoys playing with her dog, shopping, being outdoors, and listening to podcasts. It is well known in the office that Elizabeth loves Harry Potter!

Victim's Advocate / Paralegal

Andrew Waight

Staff Attorney

Andrew Waight is one of the staff attorney's at ChildLaw Services, Inc. Andrew is originally from North Carolina and has been practicing law since 2017. Andrew enjoys the interdisciplinary type of work he is experiencing through ChildLaw. Andrew's favorite books are Journey to the Center of the City and Pride and Prejudice. When he is not working, Andrew enjoys watching sports, playing volleyball, running, and doing crossword puzzles. A little known fact about Andrew is that he is eligible for  Canadian citizenship because his mom was born in Canada. 

Michelle Hale

Program Manager

Michelle Hale is the Program Manager at ChildLaw Services, Inc. Michelle is originally from Virginia but spent a great deal of time in North Carolina. Michelle has always had a passion for children, having adopted six children out of the foster care system. Michelle worked in socially necessary services providing much needed services such as supervised visitations, supervision, life skills, and parenting for a number of years, and has worked with the youth in her local church. Michelle enjoys reading and watching movies with her family. A little known fact about Michelle is that she is a Star Trek fanatic - she has over 200 Star Trek books that she has read multiple times!


Mikalah Perdue

Mikalah Perdue is a victim advocate and executive assistant at ChildLaw Services. She is a Mercer County native and has been advocating for children for the past three years. Mikalah has a passion for serving West Virginia's children and enjoys her personal connection with each child she meets. Mikalah enjoys spending time with her husband and son, riding ATV's, baking and reading. Her favorite books are the Harry Potter series. A little known fact about Mikalah is that she loves Greek mythology and history.  

Brandi Coronado

Trauma Support Specialist

Brandi is a Certified Trauma Support Specialist at ChildLaw Services. Brandi works with child victims of crime and assists children in overcoming traumatic experiences. Brandi comes to ChildLaw with a BA in Forensic Psychology and is currently pursuing a Master of Social Work degree as well as training in Play Therapy. She currently serves in the Army Reserves as a Military Police Sergeant. When Brandi is not working or studying, she enjoys spending time with her husband and her son, kayaking, and riding motorcycles. 

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Karen Kelley

Victim's Advocate / Paralegal

After several years of office management in the private practice realm, Karen has joined ChildLaw Services, Inc. as a part time victim advocate. Karen is devoted to children throughout the state and makes a tremendous impact with her work. Karen enjoys baking, spending time with her four dogs, and gardening. A little known fact about Karen is that she volunteers much of her time at the local food pantry.  

Miss Kitty 2_edited.jpg

Kit Kat Benetar

Office Cat

Kit Kat Benetar is the infamous ChildLaw office cat. She has been voted most likely to take a nap during the work day. Stop by our office to say hello and grab a few free hugs!

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Stephanie Legg

Integrative Wellness Therapist

Stephanie Legg is the founder and lead therapist of Elevate Integrative Wellness Therapies. She is living and leaving her #leggacy by helping others find balance, growth, healing and wholeness through holistic approaches and trauma informed strategies. With a MA in Counseling from Marshall University and a BA in Psychology from West Virginia State University, a Licensed School Counselor, RYT200 Yoga Teacher Certification, and spiritual leader, she understands how to work with people where they are along their journey and help them achieve their goals. She practices a REALationship centered, eclectic approach that empowers people, strengthens families, and ultimately communities. 

Stephanie's passion lies in serving as an advocate for children. She served pro bono as the Executive Director of Covenant OutReach Inc. for 12 years and continues to volunteer through their many programs. She has developed a unique approach to assessing community and situational needs. She and her husband, Pastor Neil Legg, enjoy partnering with local public schools to support and empower students through their educational, social, and emotional journeys.